Spiral staircase in kit Magic 70.Xtra

Magia 70.Xtra
The stairs in Magia 70.Xtra kit allow you to install a snail in your home, in no time. Made of painted steel and birch plywood, with PVC handrail with an aluminum core combined with the color of the staircase, Magic 70.Xtra is assembled in practical easy-to-assemble kits. The railing consists of columns in painted steel, finishes and pipes in parallel PVC of the same color. The staircase is characterized by an adjustable landing in the work that can take three different configurations: trapezoidal, triangular and circular. The direction of rotation can be established during laying. The 70.Xtra Magic are available in the 110, 130 and 150 cm diameters. The additional balustrade that protects the opening of the upper floor is available in 120 cm modules, 5 columns, 5 parallel tubes and handrails.
Internal use Measurements Diameters: 110 cm - 130 cm - 150 cm Painted Steel Finish Material Steel - Wood Multilayer birch wood essence Wood Color Light Tint - Cherry Tint Iron Color White - Cast Iron Gray Balustrade Composed of columns in painted steel and parallel PVC pipes, in the same color as the columns PVC handrail with an aluminum core The combinations of colors to choose from are the following: - LIGHT GRAY GHISA steel - GRIGIO GHISA CHILIEGIO wood - WHITE wood LIGHT wood - WHITE CHERRY wood