Eurobox Aluminum Universal Container - 42 lt

The stable and light transport and storage solution with bright blue corners and a wide range of accessories. Universal stable case in light alloy. Protection against dust and splashes of water thanks to the gasket incorporated along the perimeter of the cover. Lid with stainless steel hinges. Equipped with two sturdy cover retaining straps. Stacking corners made of impact-resistant blue plastic. Contour profile, lid and bottom in solid section. Reinforced ribs at the corners. ZARGES comfort lock for ergonomic use and extremely long service life. Zipper closure. Possibility to close with plug lock, seals or padlock (bracket thickness max 6 mm). Additional safety of the locks with spring snap can also be used later. ZARGES comfort handles for ergonomic use and loads up to 50 kg. Great corrosion resistance thanks to stainless steel gaskets. Fully welded joints. Solid workmanship for long life and maximum stacking and load capacity with small weight. Adapted to pallet dimensions according to DIN 15141. Equipped with an additional handle on the front side. Warnings: Free passage size approx. 30 mm less than the internal size.
Capacity 42 l Material aluminum External length 600 mm External width 400 mm External height 250 mm Internal length 550 mm Internal width 350 mm Internal height 220 mm Color aluminum Stackable Yup Handle version fall handles Supply mounted Weight 4.7 kg

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