Scaffolding in Iron Export HD


Base dimensions mt. 2.00 x 1.20 Maximum total height mt. 12.45 Qualitative and functional specifications like Export Shoulder braces spaced every 30 cm. with deep anti-slip lining Worktops and intermediate parapets can be placed every 30 cm. to work safely in every configuration of use Worktop with wind protection Worktop equipped with a hatch for the ascent from the inside and regulatory feet Gold-plated galvanized protection terminal block Completely removable Safe and robust locking plugs avoid the use of bolts or screws to be tightened Removable rigid base Manufacturer marking on each piece Anti-rust quality zinc-plating Polyurethane wheels Ø 200 mm. anti-crushing with BLUE anti-trace soft support band Configurations compliant with UNI EN 1004 - non-anchored use

Accessory configuration of the export for use in compliance with European legislation.

The Export HD allows a non-anchored use up to a working height of mt. 13.5.

These features make the HD HD an extremely safe and versatile scaffolding, allowing it to be adapted to every need and motivating its wide use. Combinations as per technical data sheet: Base: structure only Complete: Base + stabilizing brackets + worktop / s with hatch FOR COMPONENTS AND / OR ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION Download technical sheet