Retractable ladder Alluminium


The Allumin retractable ladder is made up of elements in light aluminum alloy, assembled together using the pantograph opening and closing principle. The structural solidity and the perfect balance guarantee an easy maneuverability and safety of use to the ladder. The opening or closing of the trapdoor takes place with the use of the control rod, the effort required to extend the ladder is minimal (about 3 kg) as the mechanical devices that compose it are perfectly balanced. The ladder allows a maximum load of 450 kg (distributed). The handrail is sturdy and safe to grip, the trapdoor is composed of a slatted panel also treated with protective varnish and framed on all four sides by the cover strips.

The standard measures of the hole, on which the staircase is housed, are: 90x70 cm, 100x70 cm, 120x70 cm, 130x70 cm (for a room height up to 310 cm). The frame thickness is 20 cm.

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